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Waterproof Storage Container

These Waterproof Storage Containers Have More Uses than Transporting Cargo – They Can Also Solve Your Security and Storage Problems!

Waterproof storage containers are very much in demand around the world. Varying in size from 20 feet by 8 feet and usually about the same (8 feet) in height, used shipping or sea containers, also called ‘connex’ or simply containers, are the preferred solution for many. Used by expeditions, construction companies, mining outfits and even Mom and Pop businesses, these containers are not only waterproof but, built from steel and designed to survive the rigours of ocean travel, they are strong and secure, too.

They can be fitted out with plastic pallet flooring to aid in keeping the items stored inside both dry and easily removed. As well, container bins and storage bins are easily moved in and out of the large double doors. These fully lockable doors open a full 270 degrees making the unit the ideal industrial storage container.

Additional waterproofing can be gained by simply covering the top of the container with CGI, Perspex or other impervious sheeting materials. Even a poly or canvas tarpaulin can be used to maintain the waterproof integrity of the container and safeguard the goods inside from water ingress and damage.

The interior waterproofing of the container can be enhanced by sealing the seams with industrial products or simply by storing the contents in plastic, sealed drums or tubs rather than cardboard boxes or untreated timber chests.

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