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Outdoor Storage Container

These outdoor Storage Containers Are More Than A Way To Transport Cargo – They Can Also Solve Your Security and Storage Problems!

Do you need to store large, bulky items outdoors and know they are safe and secure at all times and in all weather? Have you ever considered buying or renting a used shipping container? You know, those large steel containers they use to transport cargo around the world.

Shipping containers, also called sea containers, connex or simply containers, are often the perfect solution for your outdoor storage needs. They readily convert to an outdoor storage shed and have the added bonus of being portable. First of all they come in different sizes although the two most common are the twenty footer and the forty footer. Both are 8 feet wide and most are 8 feet high, although there are higher and lower units available. The 40 footer makes an ideal large outdoor storage shed.

In some places these containers are cleverly converted to office and residential accommodation or form the basis of an easily transported and relocated fully contained dwelling.

As an outdoor storage container they can’t be beaten. They can be placed on stumps to keep them off the ground and also wired to include lighting and heating, the ultimate guy’s shed! With 1280 cubic feet of storage in the 20 footer and double that in the larger unit, providing you have the place to put it, a shipping container can be the perfect outdoor storage container solution.

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